To the BAY!

We cannot believe it. We went to take images on the bay and it didn’t cost a thing!! So much has happened; let me try to catch you up to speed.

Lisa Waidner and met a couple of weeks ago to talk. She thinks it will be very helpful to gather data together and share it. She used the term ‘ground truthing’ to describe how our two sets will verify each other’s work; we are stoked.

Next: Claudia O’Steen has joined our team. Claudia comes from RISD and was working with my good friend/mentor, Shona Kitchen. Claudia’s role is DIgital Art Post-Doc Fellow for the next two years, whhhooooo!

Meanwhile, Matt Schwartz again helped us! He hooked us up with a couple of his researchers that had an August 17 boat trip to three locations on the Bay. He is letting us tag for free.  Colleen Jennings, KJ Ayers, Zach Machado, and Lisa Waidner joined me for the 4-hour cruise. to do real world training and take images.

Zach and Colleen mostly practiced with the ROV off the boat while KJ and I tried to use a small piece of PVC marked at intervals and a piece of Plexi for a backdrop. Zach and Colleen did fine with the ROV, we tried shooting some images with the backdrop also from the ROV. We did get a ton of sexy ROV shots flying around the Bay waters.

KJ and I found it extremely difficult to hold the apparatus and camera in water that was over our head.  It was near impossible to line up the shot. Maybe if we were down low like on a float of some sort. In shallows where we could stand it was better, easier. The shots were weak though because the backdrop wasn’t filling the entire frame. So we need to rethink this procedure completely.

Lisa grabbed lots of samples and she was very happy.

Learning at the lake

Like we mentioned in June, our friend Eric has a property in Pensacola right on a small spring-fed swimming hole. We took the ROVs out here for some training exercises and experience! Thomas is playing team frogman and trying out some plexiglass as a background for the shots while the rest of the team plays support and driver.


new blood for the team?

Matt Schwartz has been very generous to this project this week he introduced us to Lisa Waidner, a new research professor starting for UWF. Lisa will be working for my friend over at the Center for Diagnostics and Bioremediation (CEDB), Wade Jeffrey. He also introduced me to Barbara Albrecht, a long time Associate, Watershed Coordinator at the CEDB. Barbara has been recording the Pensacola Bay waters for years. We are talking with Barbara and Lisa about sharing boat time. I have learned that it can be $500 a day to utilize the UWF equipment which is much less than a private charter. We will continue the conversation because half of 500 is a sight better than the whole.