18 September 2016

IT IS THE DAY… we finally bring out the new camera support and collect images at the same time Lisa Waidner is gathering data… The day looked a little overcast, but there was no lightning. We headed to the Naval Live Oaks area, where we were a few weeks ago. This time we will go from the shore and out.

I think the new device looks fetching. Here we go!

Seen in the pictures: Lisa Waidner, Haley McQueen, Zach Machado, Claudia O’Steen, Thomas Asmuth. Photographer: Rebecca Wilson.

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Presentation to 350 Pensacola

Thomas gave a lecture on the ideas of art and environment science as a hybrid practice to local environmental and ecological advocacy group 350 Pensacola. The slides are in this document. Thomas presented on the project to date and called for participation at the STEAM2017 Exhibition and Colloquium.

350 Pensacola provides local support for the global 350.org campaign. We offer lectures, discussion courses, workshops and other activities to encourage people to examine their personal values and habits and develop strategies for acting on their commitment to a healthy Earth and sustainable future.