end of October expedition

Two weeks later (29 October 2016) and we are back out again measuring and photographing at Naval Live Oaks. The weather had been rainy but then it cleared. It is a bit murky. Big clumps are suspended and the sea grass is really starting to show a slow down; it is covered in schmutz. Every step throws a ‘puff’ of this matter into the shot; slowing us down. At least the water is still warm enough (barely) to not get in a wetsuit.



SECAC 2016

Sara and Thomas led a panel at the annual SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) in Roanoke VA. Their panel was called “Ecology Communication in Art and Education” and took several looks at the roles art is playing in the sciences.

Ecology Communication in Art and Education
Co-Chair: Sara Gevurtz | Virginia Commonwealth University
Co-Chair: Thomas Asmuth | University of West Florida

Thomas Asmuth & Sara Gevurtz | Turbidity Paintings

David Sanchez Burr | New Mexico Highlands University The Wildlife Divide

Daniel McGarvey | Independent Scholar Teaching Enhanced Science Communication through the Communication Art


At Big Sabine (Bay side)

On October 16, the team embarked to Big Sabine, a point on the Santa Rosa Island facing the Pensacola Bay. This property is the one we were unsure about trespassing on last time. To our surprise, it is owned by the University of West Florida and held for aquatic research. Score!


October 1st Expedition

We set out to hit the Bay side of the Santa Rosa Island, but we got concerned about the permission and if it was a protected area. We decided to launch on the Gulf of Mexico side instead. The water was incredibly clear, still warm and there were no clouds in the sky. It was amazing. The only drawback is that some of the team had a bad reaction to the moon jellyfish in the water.  The images are gorgeous.