last field work of 2016 (at the site of a 1559 disaster)

The last outing on 6 November before the water gets too cold for the season. We shot images on the west side of Santa Rosa Island near where the cross marking the 1559 landing site of Tristán de Luna.

Luna’s expeditions as a conquistador are really important to the contemporary history of the region. De Luna’s expedition tried to land at what is now Santa Rosa Island, but on the night of the 19 Septemeber 1559 a hurricane landed destroying

…most of the ships and cargo: five ships, a galleon, and a bark, pushing one caravel and its cargo into a grove inland. With the colony in serious danger, most of the men t

raveled inland to the Alabama River to the village of Nanipacana (also rendered as Nanipacna, Ypacana, and Nypacana), which they had found abandoned; they named the town Santa Cruz de Nanipacana and settled in until the rest of the colony arrived1

The survivors thus began the settling of the region. This creates a great amount of controversy about which city was first with the sister city St. Augustine FL (also an early Spanish new world outpost). For two years, deLuna and the party fought very hard to establish a colony with the assistance of missions in Mexico. Ultimately the Spanish Viceroy lost faith in de Luna’s leadership and he would live out the rest of his life in Mexico.  I find the pride from this region to be a very interesting sort of noble human expression of self-determination/stubbornness; it is a self-esteem for and in a failed mission that refused to give up.

The spit of land is so narrow we could literally walk the rig 200 yards south of the Pensacola Bay and be in the Gulf or Mexico. The Bay side imaging was very quick and easy; this far up the water is dark because it doesn’t flush as much. When we reached the Gulf the weather and water were spectacular. The wave action was too strong for our backdrop. The surf action would tear away the equipment and pinch our fingers as we tried to hold everything in, so we didn’t get any usable data images in the Gulf despite the nice weather.

IMG 20161106 090248257
IMG 20161106 090248257
Aperture: 2Camera: XT1254Iso: 50
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